State of Chicago

The State of Chicago is about building and strengthening the Chicago community.  Its first iteration will be a series of 4 ebooks, each addressing how Chicago is doing in relation to entrepreneurship, the arts, education, and poverty.  The approach to each book is similar to a business plan “SWOT” analysis.  Approximately 25 contributors from the [...]

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Advancing Women

We believe – and the research shows – that one of the most effective ways of advancing social change is to advance women rights, women’s access to education, and women’s economic development. We’re doing this is a serious way, including: the Trep Life social action campaign partnership with the Chicago Council on Global Affairs promoting [...]

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South Sudan

Say hello to one of the newest countries on the planet!  After 2 civil wars spanning several decades, millions of lost lives, and hundreds of thousands of refugees, South Sudan finally won its independence through a referendum vote on July 9, 2011. Although they face a myriad of challenges to achieving a stable environment with [...]

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Trep Life

SYNOPSIS Distributed by Inc. Magazine, Trep Life is an original series offering audiences a unique, 360-degree view of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur (“trep”). Individual episodes feature an individual entrepreneur or entrepreneur team, and are comprised of 3 short segments entitled “The Grind,” “The Hustle,” and “The Payoff.” “THE GRIND” features footage of the [...]

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